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December 2006 - Posts

Can you break 500 boards in 5 minutes?

Three weeks ago, I posted about the fact that it has been ten years since I quit smoking.  I explained that I had a made a 250 dollar bet with an old friend as incentive.  This is that friend.  It's 10 minutes long but worth every
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SharePoint 2007 - Add New User Bug

I am starting to wonder if my expectations are too high.  I have been working with this product since Beta 1.  Of course there were lots of bugs then.  Then Beta 2 came along, fewer bugs, but of course we have to remember, over the course
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SharePoint 2007 - Open Links In A New Window

Thanks to Trevor Norcross for posting this great tip on how to get external links in a Links list open in a new browser window.  This is a very creative solution that only requires a few lines of JavaScript.
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SharePoint 2007 - Typo in User Interface

I'm a stickler for details, so when I saw this I was quite disappointed, mainly because there is little I can do about it until Microsoft fixes it.  See if you can spot the typo in this screen shot.  I've helped a little by putting a little
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SharePoint 2007 - Add Users and Groups User Interface

My client just approached me to tell me they were having problems adding users to their brand spanking new SharePoint 2007 extranet site. I promptly pulled it up and asked the client to walk me thru the steps they used so that I could troubleshoot the
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Meat on a Stick? - Yum!

My family and I were out wandering around on Saturday looking for a place to eat lunch.  We were driving down Mansell Road in Alpharetta and Jody said "How about some meat on a stick?"  I said, "Meat on a stick?"  That sounded way too good. 
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SharePoint 2007 - Web Deleted and Web Deleting Events

I am currently writing a backup/restore/disaster recovery document for my current project and am in the process of describing how there is no out-of-the-box way to recover a web if it is deleted.  Some type of recovery process would have to be instigated
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